Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the most flexible flight handling system on the market, so all of our products are built with four core design goals in mind.

Simple & Intuitive

To be simple and intuitive with near zero training requirement.

Cost Effective

To be cost effective with simple pricing and low cost to operate.


To be adaptable and complement our customers’ business needs.

Latest Technology

Developed to incorporate the best in new technology — we're self-service, web and mobile ready.

Our products have been developed to be intuitive to use, easy to install and to seamlessly adapt to the day to day operations of passenger handling in all airport business models, from FBOs to airports, ground handlers to airlines.


By bringing in technology from outside of the industry we are able to lower the costs of deployment. Our solution can also be operated using low cost internet connectivity eliminating the need for expensive wide area network connectivity.


We provide options to process passengers outside of the conventional fixed locations. Our solution allows for passenger or crew processing in any location. By using the latest camera technology to allow regular Android and iOS devices to capture passport data and scan barcodes, our mobile application allows for check-in, boarding and baggage management. Mobile counters with UPS battery can also be provided for passenger processing using the conventional computer hardware.