Our eDCS solution was originally developed for the FBO market and is ideal for handlers and charter/point-to-point airlines. With flexible check-in and passenger handing options eDCS offers a solution that is simple to use and requires minimal training.


eDCS Flight Handling System

Our eDCS Flight Handling System is a complete solution for flight and passenger handling and includes modules for all standard flight and passenger handling functions.

These include, but are not limited to, the following.

Flight Setup

Simple setup of flights. Flights can be setup and ready for processing in moments. We also interface with many external systems to avoid duplicate data entry into multiple systems.

Passenger & Crew Processing

Track as much of the passenger journey as required. Our solution is adaptable to allow for tracking at various points including arrival check-in, security, and boarding of the aircraft.

Passport & ID Document Capture

Capture passenger and crew data and transmit to border agencies. Our solution allows easy document capture from mobile, desk or kiosk and automatic transmission of the data as needed.

Baggage Processing

Process and track baggage through the process. Print baggage tags or use pre-printed labels, and simplify the weighing of baggage. Our solution is adaptable to allow for tracking at various points including check-in, security screening, baggage weighing and loading to the aircraft.

Mobile & Self Service Ready

Our solution can be operated from nearly anywhere. Mobile clients for Android, Windows and iOS.

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