Our eDCS solution was originally conceived for the Business Aviation sector, and since then has grown to be the most flexible Departure Control System product on the market. eDCS Flight Handling System is a complete solution for flight and passenger handling and includes modules for all standard flight and passenger handling functions.

Flight Management
Bag Drop
Gate Boarding
Baggage Management
Crew Management
Weight & Balance
Web Check-In
Bag Weigh
Payment Collection
Security Check


Assisting staff in enforcing bag rules and tracking excess baggage payments, eDCS allows rules to be configured for each airline or flight type. The Bag Drop and Kiosk modules include options to integrate a Chip-Pin payment device to collect revenue from the passenger directly. Dedicated payment kiosks can also be provided to collect revenue.


Our Weight & Balance module provides the tools to produce Load Plan and Load Sheets for the flight. Linked with check in for automatic balancing of check-in to the load plan.


Our solution manages passenger and crew processing, ensuring that the necessary information is captured, and that the required manifest and APIS data is produced. Modules for check-in and boarding ensure that the passengers are tracked throughout the process. Integrated with many government APIS systems including the UK and US Border Force.


eDCS provides all the tools to manage baggage handling for a flight.

Bag Tags

Print IATA compliant baggage tags.


Produce BSM and other Baggage Messaging.


Simple baggage tracking and reconciliation.

Bag Drop

Automated Bag Drop options.

Weighing & Screening

Baggage Weighing and Security Screening.


Produce baggage manifest and other reports.


Self Service is becoming an expected part of the passenger experience, and our solution has modules to support and manage this for you.

Web Check-In

Check-in, capture APIS and print documents in advance of airport.

Check-In Kiosks

Self service kiosk check-in.

Bag Drop

Self service bag drop.

Payment Kiosks

Self service payment collection.

Automated Boarding

Automated gates for self boarding.